Sunday, December 16, 2007

Eco Friendly Headboard Made from Tire Treads

This eco friendly headboard is made from recycled tires.

You can use tires cut into shapes to create a contemporary loft style headboard for any size bead!

This headboard is also eco friendly because it uses recycled tires.
This is a fun eco friendly DIY project to make with your kids for their room or even a college dorm room...finish reading...

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Eco Friendly Wood Stain: TimberSoy Natural Wood Stain Review

TimberSoy Natural Wood Stain is an eco friendly wood stain.

With all the interest in green home improvement and building supplies, I decided to try TimberSoy Natural Wood Stain.

If you can't find TimberSoy Natural Wood Stain at your local home improvement store, you can find it online at Ecosafetyproducts dot com.

I like to use this one for craft projects, art paintings, and even home improvement projects...finish reading...

Snowman Christmas Ornament Made from Recycled Materials

This snowman Christmas decoration is made from a variety of recycled materials, including an old finger nail polish bottle!

Try incorporating any of your leftover materials around the house to make your own Christmas snowman decoration for a table centerpiece! Who new recycled craft projects could look so good!..finish reading...

3 Ideas for Eco Friendly Headboards

Eco friendly headboards are one of the latest trends in designer bedrooms.

There is no reason the rest of use can't afford an eco friendly headboard as well. I love redecorating bedrooms. With the huge emphasis on eco friendly furniture, headboards fit right in as a great way to create the look while considering the effects on the environment.

So, here is a look at some eco friendly headboard you can make yourself!..finish reading...

Welcome to Eco Friendly Crafts

Lately I have been trying to make tons of Go Green crafts for all ages, so I thought I would start sharing them with your!

My ideas for eco friendly crafts includes using as many recycled materials as possible! I also like to use eco friendly paints, art supplies, and concepts to create useful crafts and designs for the house!

Share your thoughts and comments and I will do my best to answer any questions!

Thanks, Crafty Girl!